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Neat cutting oil flood lubrication of cutting tool

John Neale Ltd is expert in

Synthetic forming oils, Special cutting lubricants, Water based lubricants, Synthetic cutting fluid, Synthetic and chlorine-free forming fluids, Bio-degradable lubricants, Vanishing oils for stamping, Water-based rust preventatives, Special tube drawing lubricants, Tube forming fluids, Deep drawing lubricants, Environmentally acceptable solvents and cleaners, HFA and HFC and other high performance fire resistant hydraulic fluids.

John Neale Ltd is a specialist formulator, and supplier of highly advanced metal working lubricants in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

We have the capability to supply, and if necessary bespoke design metalworking lubricants, cutting fluids, degreasing solvents and aqueous cleaners to meet your most difficult requirements.

John Neale Ltd uses it's massive experience and capability to supply advanced world leading technology, solving metal working lubricant problems in the aerospace, motor-sport, automotive, and white goods manufacturing sectors, including synthetic forming fluid, cutting fluids, and other specialist high performance products.

We specialise in advanced synthetic forming lubricants, chlorine-free lubricants for the hardest applications, water washable / soluble lubricants for easy removal, non-VOC vanishing oil to enhance environment and health and safety, high performance vanishing oils, evaporative oils and dry residue lubricants. We can supply bespoke lubricants designed for your particular application.

Formaldehyde Free Metal Working Fluids

A full range of formaldehyde-free cutting fluids is now available, from synthetic grinding fluids and synthetic cutting fluids, low oil semi-synthetics to high performance emulsion based fluids.

Envirocut PG50RP has just been introduced for machining in sliding head machines, this product is fire-resistant, with no mist and no fuming even on arduous roughing operations. Massively outperformed synthetic ester based lubricants and synthetic oil based lubricants.

New range of Fire-resistant neat cutting fluids.

High performance, Ultra-low mist,

Ultra low fuming and


10th ATP has been adopted. MBM and MBO containing metal working fluids will require Carcinogen 1B labelling in December 2018 - see our formaldehyde-free coolants