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Some Useful Links

www.thameslubricants.co.uk - Ceramic lubricants, food lubricants, industrial lubricants

www.polyalkyleneglycol.co.uk - Supplier of PAG lubricant base fluids and specialist trimellitate esters

www.vanishingoil.co.uk - Specialist vanishing oils and fin lubricants

www.tubelubricants.com - High performance tube drawing lubricants.

www.formingoiluk.com - High performance forming oils and forming lubricants

www.forminglubricant.com - High performance forming oils and metal forming lubricants

www.lubeoilsamples.co.uk - Specialist lube oil sample analysis and monitoring

www.lubricantindex.co.uk - Information on lubricants and tube drawing lubricants.

www.metalworkingfluid.eu - Metal working fluids and Metal working lubricants

www.boronfreecoolant.co.uk  - Boron free cutting fluids

www.boronfreecoolant.com  - Boron free cutting fluids

www.westmooruk.co.uk  - High quality service and products to the metal working industry

www.qscd.co.uk - Environmentally acceptable lubricants and systems

www.oiluk.net - Supplier of Gulf branded products and services

www.solventcleaning.com - Experts in solvent degreasing and cleaning.

www.trichloroethylenereplacement.com - Great site if you are looking to replace TCE / Trike / trichloroethylene.

 Truck stop scales http://www.truckstopsplus.com/ Truck Stops Plus adds the biggest truck specific POI database to Streets & Trips.

SunDanzer refrigerators and freezers http://www.sunshineworks.com/sundanzer-refrigerators-freezers.htm SunDanzer refrigerators and freezers are the most energy efficient in the world.

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