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Cutting Oil BR

Cutting oil BR is an all purpose and very high performance neat cutting oil for arduous machining on stainless and non-ferrous metals. It is non-staining and very highly treated. Excellent grade for doing all operations in a work-shop.


Tapping Fluid S

Synthetic, water soluble, high performance tapping fluid. It is excellent for all applications, very clean, low odour and will dissolve into suds to boost performance. It is easy to wash off with plain water.

Envirocut SE10

Synthetic, oil-free, very high performance neat cutting fluid, very high flash point and low viscosity and non-mist hazard labelling. This fluid can be used for minimal lubrication, flood lubrication and hard metal grinding.

Envirocut ML40

Synthetic, oil-free, high performance minimal lubricant / mist lubricant, very high flash point (>300DegC). Very high performance for cutting and forming applications.