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Superdraw ST2000

Very high performance tube bending lubricant which is suitable for the most arduous bending of stainless steel.

Superdraw 18000

Very high performance forming lubricant which is suitable for the most arduous forming of stainless steel, hot forming of titanium and forming of aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. It has the additional benefit of being water soluble to make cleaning off after processing easy.

Superdraw FS

Oil-free synthetic forming lubricant suitable for forming operations. The required dilution can be determined in trials, light duty presswork and roll forming can be successfully lubricated with 5% dilutions, and deep drawing of stainless can be lubricated with 50% dilutions.

Superdraw ELP (Rolls Royce Approved Lubricant)

Synthetic forming oil especially effective for aluminium and titanium tube. Used by BAE systems.