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New technology Thetasyn metal working fluid range.

Designed for machining and grinding of aluminium with advanced performance and safety benefits

Thetasyn XP101

Thetasyn coolants have been designed to be suitable for modern materials. They have also been designed to optimise the performance of synthetic water-mix coolants and meet the current pressures on the safety aspects of using coolants.

Bio-stability testing in the laboratory and field experience has indicated that the coolants will perform as required by the HSE. The selection of special bio-stable additives has given a product which normally operates with less than 1000orgs/ml even in dirty systems.

Thetasyn GFA - Synthetic grinding fluid.

Thetasyn XP15 - Synthetic grinding and medium duty cutting fluid.

Thetasyn XP101 - high performance cutting fluid for the most difficult applications.

Thetasyn XP-RP - high performance cutting fluid with higher level of residual corrosion protection