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A new approach to cleaning technology developed  to utilise materials derived from renewable plant sources to produce better cleaning technology

The active materials are derived from renewable plant sources.  This means that scarce resources such as oil are not consumed in their manufacture and the environment is not harmed through accumulation of waste by products of manufacture

Based on a new state of the art surfactant system that gives high levels of detergency and wetting.  These natural surfactants are completely biodegradable within OECD guidelines.  Completely non foaming in use

Contains a new natural corrosion inhibition system that has true multi metal capability and high performance at low concentrations.  The system is completely hazard free and biodegradable.  Meets IP287 corrosion testing requirements at 2% v/v in water

No aquatic toxicity or risk of bioaccumulation.  Carries no WKG rating and all materials within the formulations are on the TSCA list or carry exemption certification.  See link to Aquatic toxicity

Exceptional cost/performance profile.  Order of magnitude improvement in cleaning times in standardised cleaning tests compared with traditional technology based on e alkyl ethoxylates or nonyl phenols

Safe for users - very low toxicity ratings and carries no orange labelling

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