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Enviro-clean HIP   a high performance low pH (pH typically 6) cleaner designed especially for cleaning brass copper and cuprous alloys. Very low foaming yet will remove a wide range of surface contaminants and scale.  The very high detergency of the product is especially good at removing dirt, oil grease etc from inside tubular or machined parts. Contains non staining inhibitors to ensure cleaned parts do not tarnish

Enviro-clean MM1 High performance cleaner designed for mixed metal applications - suitable for us on copper, brass, white metals, steel and cast iron.  Will not stain sensitive parts such as copper or brass and yet offers a high degree of residual corrosion protection on steel and cat iron parts.  Very low foaming and suitable for spray or soak application.  High detergency, quick split technology for long bath life and excellent process economics.   Hazard free neutral product with an excellent environmental profile

Enviro-clean AL and Enviro-clean AL2  very low foaming high detergency product designed primarily for spray application in cleaning aluminium, white metal and steel parts.  Quick split technology for long bath life,  coupled with low operating temperatures (circa 35C) give excellent process economics.  Completely hazard free biodegradable and with excellent environmental profile

Enviro-clean DGL4 low foaming high detergency soak cleaners for steel, cast iron and white metals.  These products are fully inhibited to give levels of residual corrosion protection on steel and cast iron parts.  Quick split technology that allows oils and greases cleaned from parts to separate out quickly for removal.  This gives long bath life and enhances cleaning performance.  Neutral products which are hazard free for users, completely biodegradable and have an excellent environmental profile.  Run at low temperatures (<40C)

Degreaser DG is a high quality solvent based washable degreaser.

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