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Coolant HFE250H

Reynold technology - have been using our Coolant HFE250H for about 3 years now. They immediately saw massive improvements in bacteria control over their previous semi-synthetic coolant (supplied by a major international independent supplier). They were surprised that they got zero bacterial growth consistently. Reynolds are a supplier of specialist tube for high end bicycles as well as other products.


 Requirements for CHO free coolants

Tests on amines

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Ultra high performance cutting fluid




Bacteria control

Fungi control

Transparent emulsion

Excellent corrosion protection

Hard-water stablle


Coolant CS50E was designed to give superb machining performance on stainless steels and aluminium alloys.

Field performance has exceeded expectations.

The product has proven non-staining on 7075, 6061, 2024, 1200, alloys in practice.

It has out-performed  extreme-pressure water-mix coolants, with excellent performance on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Microbiological control has been excellent, zero growth after 12 months of operation in a diverse range of applications. This product can help you meet your HSE requirements.

The product remains clean in use after long term use.

Corrosion protection is excellent, the product is capable of operating in difficult industrial waters.

The zero oil content and low misting potential helps you meet your oil-mist limits.

The absence of formaldehyde helps you meet your health and safety objectives.

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Formaldehyde-release free coolants

Coolant CS50E - oil-free high performance water-mix cutting coolant

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