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We have developed a range of high performance for automatic machining and Swiss-type machining.

We have based the products on high quality group 2 base stocks and utilised advanced non-staining and chlorine-free technology.

These cutting fluids can also lubricate the machine tools.

Performance has been proven in back to back trials and out products have been found to perform at the highest level.

Cutting Oil ST10

Cutting Oil ST10

Technical Data

Safety Data

Products are available in a range of viscosities.

10cSt, 15cSt, 22cSt, 32cSt, 46cSt

They can match the machining requirement and machine lubricant requirement.

 A Swiss-type lathe is a type of turning centre that was developed for the Swiss watch industry. These machines are designed to turn small, complex, precision parts.

Unlike conventional lathes where the part is stationary and the tool moves, a Swiss-type turning centre allows the part to move in the Z axis and the tool is stationary.

Bar stock is held in the machine and advanced through a guide bushing. Only the portion being machined is exposed from the guide bushing, allowing the material to be held tightly, virtually eliminating deflection -- and increasing accuracy.