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 John Neale has a successful range of Fin stamping lubricants for automotive and other heat transfer component manufacture. We  supply premium performance vanishing oils, thermal degreasing oils and semi-synthetic and synthetic oils and vanishing oils with ultra low odour. Products are available with FDA approved components, water soluble residues for ease of washing and R134a compatible residues. Vanishing oils are capable of producing the fin heights with 3fpi.

 Products are exported around the world.

 John Neale Ltd are able to tailor tube bending products for difficult applications and to meet customer requirements. Water soluble to enhance remove-ability, evaporative, thermal degreasing, clean anneal, synthetic.

Very low odour

Rapid drying products

Enhanced tool-life

Improved finish

Fin-Lube SE10

Fin Stamping Lubricant SE10 is a fully synthetic, thermally degreasing product for fin stamping for aluminium fins. It will do from 1-20fpi producing all fin heights. It is of the highest possible performance. It can be used on all types of draw dies.

Fin-Lube TO10

Light viscosity more traditional oil based product based on our advanced lubricant chemistry to give superior aluminium fin drawing and also non-ferrous tube bending and expanding performance.

Fin-Lube CN64

Evaporative lubricant for aluminium fin drawing, produces at least to 3fpi. Premium performance product which is supplied globally.

Superdraw SE46

Tube Lubricant is a fully synthetic lubricant for ferrous and non-ferrous tube bending. It is R134a compliant and operates down to -40DegC

Superdraw FS

Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous tube, residues can be washed off.  Lower viscosity....better cooling