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Formaldehyde has been re-classified as a class 1B Carcinogen and a class 2 mutagen. As a class 1B carcinogen it meets the criteria for exclusion and substitution. Now with the 10th ATP formaldehyde donors (MBM, MBO) will be Class 1B Carcinogen labelled and will be included in the requirement for exclusion and substitution.

Based on this information we are working on the removal of formaldehyde donor  biocides from all our coolants. The approach will be to maintain machining performance and bio-stability.

We have designed products from synthetics, to high performance high oil coolants which are formaldehyde release biocide free. These products offer the same or often better performance compared to boron-bio-stables. We have several years application experience with this type of technology.

We have alternative technology to DCHA where secondary amines are not desired.

Coolant HFE250H

This cutting fluid is free of formaldehyde donors and sensitising biocides. It contains a combination of phenoxyethanol and special amines to give a product with exceptional sump-life and operator comfort.

This product gives near sterile conditions in the sump and so happily meets the requirements of bacterial control required by the HSE.

John Neale Ltd has finished  working on a range of lower cost ways to remove formaldehyde release biocides from water-mix cutting fluids without the loss of long-life which is inferred by this type of biocide.

Combinations of bio-stable amines and biocides have been assessed.

This development work has enabled us to create new products which offer viable cost effective alternatives to our traditional boron bio-stable coolants.

We already have premium products which are free of formaldehyde / formaldehyde release biocides.

Recent test results on bio-stable formulations without formaldehyde release biocides and boron derivatives

The 10th ATP has been adopted - the clock is now ticking and MBM and MBO will need replacing by December 2018.

Contact us for products or advise on how to replace these biocides