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Superdraw FS:- High performance synthetic oil-free water soluble multi-metal forming fluid with excellent performance. It can replace high performance chlorinated oils. It can be removed by wiping, or water rinse.

Superdraw ST2000:- Ultra high performance forming lubricant with superb film strength for the most arduous deep-drawing operations on stainless steel.

Superdraw 107E:- High performance  forming lubricant for use on arduous drawing operations on non-ferrous metals. It is water washable to aid cleaning processes. It can be used diluted for light duty operations. Suitable for forming aluminium and steel alloys.

Forming methods - overview worth reading

Metal Forming Processes Dr. Pulak M. Pandey

Examples of how our advance Forming  lubricants can help you

Process reduction with Forming Lubricants (how to streamline your product flow by selecting specialist lubricants)

We offer advanced metal forming lubricant products for the most exacting and difficult metal forming applications and  produce bespoke products for processes which may only require small volumes

We have the technology to design and supply metal forming lubricants to meet your exacting requirements.

    Our capabilities include.....

Deep drawing Oil for Stainless Steel/Aluminium

Water based forming lubricant products

low viscosity forming oils

Washable forming lubricant

Chlorine replacement forming products for all metals

Tube drawing / tube reduction / tube bending lubricant products

Cold heading lubricants

Copper tube drawing lubricants

Deep drawing lubricant

Tube Bending Lubricants and Fillers

Tube Drawing Lubricants

Vegetable based forming oils.

Superdraw V1000, V2000 and V4000

Chlorine, sulphur and phosphorous free

Easily washed off.

High performance, range of viscosity