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Fluido 46 FR and Fluido 68FR are  HFDu (Polyol ester fire resistant hydraulic fluid) of the highest possible quality and performance.

The products are manufactured in Italy and meet all critical specifications.

Fluido 46 68 datasheet.


Thermal Stability Tests

Approval by Factory Mutual (FM Approvals fire resistant test Standard 6930 as an Approved industrial fluid)

Excellent FZG (fail strage 12)

Excellent demulsifcation

Biodegradable (OECD 301B)

Renewable Based


Complies with the specification ISO 15380 Part 4 and exceeds the performance requirements of DIN 51524 Part 3


VDMA 24568

ISO 6743/4 HM-HV

DIN 51524 parte 3

ISO 15 380 parte 4

Vickers M-2952-S

VII Luxemburg Report

Vickers I-286-S