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Spray mist lubricant, minimal quantity lubricants.

We supply a range of high performance, non-hazardous, synthetic minimal quantity lubricants for every type of material and application.

Key parameters of these fluids are:-

No oil mist hazard.

No hazard labelling


Mineral oil-free

High performance on stainless steel, aluminium and other alloys.

Suitable for sawing, drilling, tapping, etc.

Mist of liquid from nozzle

Envirocut SE10

Minimal lubricant based on saturated synthetic ester technology. This gives a minimal lubricant without any sticky deposits or varnishes. It is non-staining to aluminium including sensitive alloys. It gives excellent performance on stainless steel.

The low viscosity of Envirocut SE10 leaves a very slight residue after machining and normally doesn’t need removing.

Envirocut ML40

Minimal quantity lubricant based on high performance synthetic esters. It gives the highest possible performance on steel and aluminium. It is a heavier product compared to SE10.

It can be used as a minimal lubricant for forming and cutting operations.

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Minimal quantity lubricants can be designed for most applications, our specialist knowledge means we can supply oils which solve many problems which people experience with minimal lubricants. We design our products based on the very best synthetic lubricant base fluids, combined with the best additives to enhance performance. The products are all non-hazardous labelled, all have high flash points and all are low odour or almost odour free.

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