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Non-VOC TCE alternative Solvents

After extensive field trials, and superb results we can now offer a range of non-VOC solvents with enhanced safety profile (no hazard labelling) which will allow companies to avoid problems associated with the Solvents Emission Directive (SED) and the hazards associated with trichloroethylene.

We have partnered with a specialist ultra-filtration (UF) company to offer solvent regeneration capability. Equipment can be installed which will maintain the degreasing performance of the solvent system. Working with our partner we can give turn-key solutions to customers requirements. See

We can also offer off-site regeneration of the solvents at low cost.  

One advantage of these solvents is found with very low losses due to evaporation which is the most significant cause of losses with trichloroethylene and other chlorinated solvents. The small additional cost of these new solvents is off-set by the low losses in use.

The solvent performance of this range is incredible for instance Solvent TMA has better resin dissolving power than trichloroethylene.

No special plant is required with the use of these solvents, simply heating the solvent to 60-80oC to enable optimum solvency performance and cleaning time. This temperature also facilitates the drying of components after degreasing.

Full analysis of customer soils is undertaken to ensure that optimum and effective degreasing performance is obtained. Samples of oils / components can be taken away for this analysis

Solvent 702 – A non-hazardous low odour solvent with excellent solvency for oils and greases.  It is non- VOC. Can remove heavy chlorinated drawing oils, greases, and polishing compounds.

Solvent TMA – A non-hazardous, low odour, non-voc solvent with excellent solvency for oils and greases. It is non-VOC.  Can remove heavy chlorinated drawing oils, greases and polishing compounds.