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Our Most Advanced Water-based Rust Preventives

Designed for indoor storage and inter-operational corrosion inhibition

Rust Preventive AQ-3T high performance rust preventive for inter-operational and indoor storage up to 2 years.

Rust Preventive AQ-5T, higher solids version of 3T, giving >80 days humidity cabinet performance, suitable for long-term indoor storage and corrosion protection in difficult areas.

These corrosion inhibitors are truly exceptional in performance, contact us to try them in your process.

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Table of Products

Rust Preventive 440-KOM new rust preventive which is non-VOC, rapid drying (20 minutes at ambient), excellent wetting (no dry edge), 100 hours salt fog performance. Suitable for the temporary protection of machined components. Leaves a dry wax film.

John Neale Ltd has been working for several years to optimise the performance of water based rust preventives. Utilising advanced polymer chemistry we have been able to obtain significant performance benefits for water-based corrosion inhibitors. Dry films, lubricant films, alkali remove-able films to give performance from short term indoor to long term outdoor protection.

Rust Preventive FC - Water Based Dry Film Rust Preventive