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Superdraw STPSL

Extreme performance tube drawing lubricant with ultimate performance when drawing stainless steel, inconel, and very hard to draw alloys. Designed to be able to draw tube which would have previously required plastic coating.

Coating Lubricant CR

Extreme performance tube drawing lubricant, applied to give a plastic coating on the steel tube or component prior to sever drawing.

Superdraw ST4000

High performance stainless steel tube drawing lubricant.

Superdraw ST160

High performance pilgering lubricant for stainless steel.

Superdraw CF230

Chlorine-free pilgering lubricant for titanium tube reduction.

Tube Lubricant CU5001

Copper tube drawing lubricant for arduous drawing of copper tube.

Superdraw PIB  S 5000

High performance aluminium tube drawing and bending lubricant.

Superdraw PIB S 1000

High performance aluminium tube drawing lubricant. Lower viscosity compared to the 5000.