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Ester-Based Hydraulic Fluids and lubricants

Vegetable and synthetic based hydraulic fluids

Synthetic ester based hydraulic fluid

Saturated ester ultra high performance hydraulic fluid

General maintenance lubricants and fluids

Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluids

Ester-based Water-mix metal working fluids

Forming lubricants for light to heavy presswork

Forming lubricant for high performance presswork - not hazardous waste.

Vegetable based cutting fluids

Synthetic ester based cutting fluid

Waterfall and river in woodland Rock formation like a granite edge

Biodegradable lubricants - cutting fluids and hydraulic fluids

Synthetic Ester based neat metal-working fluids

Synthetic Esters offer significant performance benefits compared to mineral oil based products. Higher flash points for a given viscosity giving lower fuming and lower fire risk. They have better lubricity enhancing tool-life and surface finish. They have lower hazards with no occupational exposure limits(OEL's) set.

Grinding fluids

EDM fluid

Neat cutting oils

Oil-free synthetic water soluble lubricants.

High technology synthetic water washable technology for cutting, forming, and grinding.

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