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Thermal Degreasing Fluids

We have recently developed a range of metal working lubricants specifically for use in the thermal degreasing process. These lubricants are based on advanced synthetic base stocks with specially developed additives which give clean thermal degreasing without solids or sludge deposits. These fluids are designed to operate at low temperatures and high through-put.

Superdraw TDF-3 A light duty press lubricant for blanking, piercing, pressing of thin sheet aluminium and steel alloys.


Superdraw TDF-32 A medium duty medium viscosity press lubricant where extra performance required. Suitable for aluminium and steel alloys up to 2mm thickness and medium depth drawing, bending and punching.


Superdraw TDF - 100 A high performance press lubricant for deep drawing of aluminium and steel alloys, fortified with high levels of fatty additives to give enhanced surface finish and tool-life.


TDF lubricants can be designed for your specific process to optimize thermal degreasing performance and forming performance.

corrugated aluminium component made with evaporative lubricant