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John Neale Ltd has extensive experience and capability in trichloroethylene (TCE) replacement. We can offer advice on all types of approach from Hermetically sealed systems, aqueous systems, lubricant change, to advanced non-VOC solvent replacements. We can offer turn-key projects for solvent replacement and equipment modification or change.

We concentrate on low-hazard alternatives to trichloroethylene. We don't supply products with poor human safety profile like nPB, trichloroethylene, methylene chloride, or perchloroethylene.

John Neale Ltd has a unique approach to trichloroethylene alternative as they can offer the full range of alternatives and assess the capability of solvents / cleaners to give fully adequate performance. Our approach overcomes common problems of TCE replacement where performance obtained is not fully satisfactory. Inadequate performance often occurs where suppliers have a limited range of solvent chemistries available. To replace trike many different solvents need to be assessed to ensure the correct solvency.

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Key product areas:-

1) Non-VOC TCE alternatives

2) VOC solvents / hermetically sealed systems

3) Aqueous cleaners

4) Enzyme cleaners

5) Lubricant changes to replace Trike

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Trichloroethylene is a SVHC -

ECHA website information.

HSE guidelines on surface cleaning

Information sheet 34

Defra info on SED

Link here