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New Technology Ultra-high performance vanishing Oils.

Recent developments in advanced lubricant technology has allowed us to develop advanced vanishing oils with significantly higher performance over traditional solvent based lubricants. These lubricants have the following characteristics and benefits:


Suitable for forming, piercing, blanking, bending, nibbling laser cutting etc on all metals both non-ferrous and ferrous alloys.   Able to draw up to 3 inches in a single pass on new hard to draw automotive steels.

Gives the same performance as High Performance mineral based lubricants,  but subsequently leaves the parts non-oily for further handling.

Fast drying time due to rapid evaporation rate

Non-oily film due to special additives enables handling and welding without degreasing

Weld-able, can be welded through with no adverse fumes and anti spatter performance

a.    Aluminium (+alloys) 1mm-6mm

 b.    Zintec 1mm-6mm

 c.    Stainless (304, 316, etc) 1mm-6mm

 d.    Mild steel (Hot Rolled (HR4) , S355 (50B)) 1mm-10mm

 Clean in use due to the absence of oily residues - excellent corrosion prevention.....

See technical data sheet:-

Vanishing Oil WB6:- High performance vanishing oil for the most arduous applications

This is just another one of our high performance vanishing oils, designed initially to meet the aspirations of one of our automotive customers. John Neale ltd can help you overcome production issues with specialist design and development of lubricants. 

Contact us today to find a solution to your lubrication challenge. We have a track record of proving solutions to the most difficult applications