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Coolant CS50AL is a high performance synthetic water-mix metal working fluid for machining of all metals.

Traditionally it has been difficult to combine all the performance attributes required in a synthetic (oil-free) coolant to make it truly multi-metal, with excellent sump-life, corrosion protection in ferrous metals and non-staining to sensitive aluminium alloys including 2024 and 7075 grades.

To find stain inhibitor technology which can work effectively in a synthetic without causing foaming issues or hard water stability issues was a challenge.

Testing for 24hours at 38DegC in a high pH fluid (>10.5) was used to find the best additive. Most additives were completely ineffective in this test.

Coolant CS50AL has been developed to meet all the various performance drivers we are facing in the UK:-

1) Formaldehyde donor free (free of MBM, MBO and HPT as well as other formaldehyde donors)

2) Boron-fre

3) Chlorine and sulphur-free

4) Non-staining to aluminium alloys including 2024, 7075, 6061.

5) Non-staining to titanium alloys

6) Excellent corrosion protection on ferrous metals

7) Maintenance of near sterile operating conditions which helps meet HSE guidelines for operating coolants.

8) No sensitising components.

9) Clean in use.