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To meet the need for long sump-life coolants with no formaldehyde-donors biocides, and no sensitising ingredients we have developed a new range of economical boron bio-stable coolants utilizing advance bio-stable amine technology.

Coolant XR207 - A low oil grinding and general purpose cutting fluid with exceptional corrosion inhibition and sump-life.

Coolant XR250 - A high oil semi-synthetic high performance cutting fluid for aluminium alloys and stainless steels, with excellent sump-life and excellent corrosion inhibition on ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Coolant XR20020 - A synthetic ultra high performance cutting and grinding fluid, with excellent sump-life and excellent corrosion inhibition on ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Circulation tests were carried out to compare the capability of the new development products with a ‘suds’ oil and a high quality formaldehyde donor containing semi-synthetic. The new technology products performed at least as well as the high quality traditional technology semi–synthetic. Bacteria levels were maintained below the recommended HSE guidelines for bacteria in coolants

Aluminium Stain Tests

All the coolants in this range have been tested for 7 days at 38oC and shown to be non-staining to a range of aluminium alloys including 2024, 6061, 5052, & 7075.

Field trials on the Coolant XR250 have given stunning performance on everything including tapping in very soft aluminium and machining of hard steel alloys.

Coolant XR20020 is able to machine difficult stainless and aluminium alloys, maintaining excellent cleanliness and corrosion inhibition.

Formaldehyde-free Boron Bio-stable coolants

Bacteria Challenge Testing