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We have extensive experience in the design of chlorine-free and chlorine containing lubricants for the most arduous tube bending

We have an approved product for BAE Systems for titanium and aluminium tube bending replacing a very high performance chlorinated lubricant, our product was not only a chlorine-free drawing lubricant but gave enhanced performance on aluminium, and equivalent performance on titanium. Superdraw ELP has also been adopted by other aerospace companies as a synthetic lubricant for bending thin wall 3inch diameter titanium tube, and a modified version of ELP has been used in hot bending (400DegC) of titanium.

Tube Fillers / Fusible alloy

Resin WS8  -  is a new technology alternative to high density fusible alloys for tube bending operations. Resin WS8 is a low density solid (~1) with a melting point of about 70DegC which can be used to fill tubes prior to bending operations. It offers excellent dimensional and wall support during bending, can be simply removed with heating and a special advantage any residue can be removed with plain water.

Alloybend 70 - lead alloy tube filling compound, commonly called wood metal.

Tube Bending Lubricants:-

Superdraw SG-Gel - tube bending gel for bending of steel, easy wash-off, and good performance for light duty tube bending.

Superdraw 18000 - high performance synthetic tube bending lubricant, washed off in water.

Superdraw ST2000: High performance tube bending and forming lubricant for stainless steel and titanium, highest possible performance with better surface finish

Superdraw ST3000W: water washable ultra high performance, very high viscosity tube bending and forming lubricant for stainless steel, alloy and titanium tube

Superdraw ELP: Chlorine-free high performance tube bending lubricant for non ferrous metals including titanium. Used by BAE Systems