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Neat cutting oil flood lubrication of cutting tool

Fire-resistant neat cutting fluids.

High performance,

Ultra-low mist,

Ultra low fuming and


Formaldehyde-free additive packs

We can now supply Inhibitor BB and Inhibitor BFF which are corrosion inhibitor packages which give benefits in bio-stability of metal working fluids. Suitable for use in synthetic and semi-synthetics

Advanced water-mix metal working fluids.


Highly Bio-stable

Compatible with all aluminium alloys tested

Neat cutting oils

 for all applications, including new technology synthetic oils for the most arduous applications

Advanced tube bending and forming lubricants

for aerospace applications on titanium and aluminium as well as stainless steel.

Specialist Rust Preventives

Water-based, solvent-based and oil based rust preventives, high performance dry film and oily film products.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaner

A full range of advanced cleaners for cleaning aerospace alloys, cast iron components, and everything in between.

Exceptional Evaporative Lubricants

Vanishing oils, non-VOC, high speed applications, zero-residue grades. Highly advanced products for a diverse range of applications

Tube Drawing Lubricants

Advanced tube drawing lubricants for stainless steel, titanium, copper and aluminium.

Higher speeds and feeds, optimum performance

Envirocut PG30

Fire-resistant neat cutting fluid

High performance aluminium stain inhibitor

Tested in high pH synthetic water-mix cutting fluid

Formaldehyde-free boron-bio-stable cutting fluids

Vanishing Oil AQ10

Fast evaporating non-VOC with excellent roll-forming performance

Synthetic Water-mix cutting fluid for Aluminium. High Pressure, low foam, low stain

Oil-free, transparent water-mix metal working fluid is

Boron-free, Formaldehyde-free and controls bacteria to zero in difficult applications

corrugated aluminium component made with evaporative lubricant

Evaporative lubricant for roll forming steel

Non-VOC, Low hazard

Superdraw STPSL

Extreme stainless steel tube reductions with this advanced lubricant

UKLA and HSE guide on use of coolants

Rust Preventive for storage of components and inter-operational protection. For cast iron and steel

Oil-free, high performance lubricant for perforating stainless steel

Vanishing oil AQ-YM is a new solvent-free and hydrocarbon-free vanishing oil for copper and yellow metals.

EDM Machine

Bio EDM2 ad Bio EDM4

Biodegradable, renewable based, mineral oil free, high performance EDM fluids

I Cannot Breathe
A poem by Wycliffe Hall ordinand Oyin Oladipo

Envirocut SE10


Low viscosity

High Flash Point

High performance saturated ester based.


Evaporative minimal quantity lubrication

No pooling of lubricant

Clean parts

Clean chips

Renewable-based, biodegradable

Water-based high performance Rust Preventive Family of Products

Rust Preventive SM20 family

Dry film, Grease film, Oily film, thin film

Superdraw V2000

Vegetable based forming fluid


Chlorine, sulphur and phosphorous free

High performance on ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Coolant CS-AQ

Designed for modern machining applications.

Non-hazardous labelled.

No sensitizers

Good bio-resistance, excellent control of bacteria.